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Digital payment means there’s no need for pre‑printed checks or stamps.

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How it works

  • Sign up and login to our fully featured portal.
  • Set up one or more bank accounts.
  • Apply for approval. Follow the instructions provided. 
  • For approval, you will be required to deposit a one dollar check.
  • Once approved, you can send a check to anyone, by email.
  • To send a check, enter the payee, email and amount. The payee will receive an email that a check is ready.
  • All users can receive unlimited checks for free.
  • You will still be able to void a check, if the payee has not printed his check.
  • View all checks not deposited.
  • Bulk-send checks. Import payees, emails and amounts.

Why choose us?

  • Our portal is beautiful, easy to use and advanced.
  • Our checks are mobile deposit and bank deposit friendly.
  • We offer best prices in the industry.
  • You can make your financial transactions easier, faster and more secure.
  • You have better control of funds coming in and out, helping you to expand your revenue potential.
  • You can void a cloud check even after you sent it, if your payee didn’t print it.
  • Export everything to CSV for financial records.
  • Bulk-send checks to each payee, who can belong to multiple groups.
  • Manage your checks across your desktop, phone or tablet.

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No money down. Pay as you go. No risk.

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Saving you much time

Our portal is second to none. So easy to use. Dependable.
We rarely have a customers that wants to leave us.
Send you checks. Track your checks. No more hassle.
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This program has been unbelievable for us. We love the interface.
Using Checks On The Cloud has been a success for our business.

–Avi Inzelbach (CEO of BMI traders and


We are absolutely committed to making our customers happy.
We pride ourselves with customer care.

–Daniel Melul (CEO of Checks On The Cloud)

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